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Greek Salad / ግሪክ ሳላድ

Lettuce. tomato. cucumber. onion. olives. cheese. oregano. olive oil

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad / ግሪልድ ቺክን ሴዛር ሳላድ

Grilled chicken over romaine in creamy Caesar dressing topped with parmesan cheese and croutons

Nicoise / Tuna Salad / ቱና ሳላድ

Tuna lettuce. green beans. boiled egg. carrot. cucumber. onion. tomato

Tex - Mex Salad / ቴክስ - ሜክስ ሳላድ

Lettuce. tomato. sweet corn. black beans. mixed bell pepper . avocado

Vegetable Salad / የአትክልት ሳላድ

Lettuce. tomato. potato. carrot. onion. avocado. cucumber. green beans